Saturday, January 10, 2009

North Shore Park/Beach

This is a beach with a large park and plenty of parking on the road and across the street in specific lots. There are plenty of benches and bar-b-q grills available along with life guards on duty. This beach is known to be busy and raccoons have been spotted living in the wild bushes that separate the park from the beach. In all the city of Miami Beach takes care of this beach and you'll have the benefit of enjoying plenty of sun shine at the beach because of the lack of high rise condos or buildings.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale beach is definitely a huge place to relax. The downside is the $10 minimum to park on the weekends. The plus side are the tons of picnic tables and volley ball nets that are set up right around where we laid out our towels. Across the street was Bahia Mar and right next to us were the last condos in the area. You will get plenty of sun at the beach no matter what. We bet it could get really much more louded and crowded on a busier day. We went on a chili day that scared off most of the locals and tourists alike. Our result was a perfectly clean and empty beach since most of the folks where dodging the cold!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Golden Beach, FL

This is the king of all Miami-Dade secluded beaches! Technically, as far as we know, Golden Beach is all private property. Its the "back yard" for several gorgeous beach-front mansions. Unless you know someone or are someone who lives on Golden Beach you will never set foot or sun bathe here. The sand is untouched and you can literally tell that there hasn't been footsteps in some parts of this beach for weeks. You'll find random objects washed up onshore whereas a public beach would have cleaned out this kind of debris. It just comes to show you how secluded, unused and private Golden Beach really is. There is no actual public entrance to Golden Beach but if you walk north from Sunny Isles beach you'll find yourself entering this hidden paradise!

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Sunny Isles Beach - Weekend

If you didn't know Sunny Isles Beach exists then you are missing out on a hidden little pocket of sun bathing beauty. But actually getting to this beach is a real pain in the ass! There is a parking lot across the street on AIA but the minimum for the meeter was $10. You have to find the public access walkways between the resorts just to make your way onto the sand. If you happen to be staying at the resorts then you have no worries, the beach is yours. We bet only the resort guests and local Sunny Isles folks actually go through the trouble of using this beach. If you can make it there you'll probably enjoy the quiet, especially on a weekday!

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Haulover Beach Park‎ - Southern Point

Despite prior assumptions that all of Haulover Beach was a nudist beach a good friend of ours actually recommended this park for its seclusion and beauty. I'm pretty sure that nudists must use other parts of this Miami-Dade beach but if you visit the southern most point (use the map as a guide) you can actually sun bathe peacefully with your swimwear on. The parking fee is $5 for the whole day and the beach was quiet, clean and practically all to ourselves! Families and fishermen were seen at this beach on this particular weekend. We bet its even more secluded during the week.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

South Beach - 6th Street - July 4th

On the 4th of July South Beach was packed at noon. The beach seemed to have more people in the water than it did on the sand... and that's still a lot! You can tell from the photos that the sand was overwhelmed by tourists and locals alike. This is NOT a family beach as there were topless sun bathers around. Trash and litter could be found in the sand and some of it was floating in the water as well. If you're looking for the noise and the crowds then go down to South Beach on 6th and Ocean during these summer holidays, if not then let the photos be your warning. The only way to find seclusion is to swim out to the deep water, away from the floating litter and the crowds. In all it was still a beautiful and sunny day at Miami Beach.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hollywood North Beach - Weekdays

Just south of Dania Beach is this secluded and hidden little gem called Hollywood North Beach. Its further north than what is actually known as Hollywood Beach (the one with busy shops, restaurants and activities... photos coming soon.) This beach is almost always empty on weekdays making it somewhat private and secluded if you are seeking some peace and quiet. There are no shops, stores or hotels nearby so pack your own lunch and escape to this hideout on the other side of a small boardwalk. There is a cool bike trail that many joggers love to frequent and even a local charity is known to feed the furry felines that call Hollywood North Beach their home.

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